BE - BIO MEDICAL ENGINEERING JOBS,BIO MEDICAL Jobs,Bio Chemistry Jobs,Machine Learning Jobs, Medical Jobs, Bio Engineering Jobs,


 BE - BIO MEDICAL ENGINEERING JOBS,BIO MEDICAL Jobs,Bio Chemistry Jobs,Machine Learning Jobs, Medical Jobs, Bio Engineering Jobs,

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What is the future scope of Bio Medical engineering?

The scope of Biomedical engineering in india. I remember I asked the same question to everyone I met when I joined this field 4–5 years ago. I never got a satisfactory response. I will try to give you that.

Biomedical engineering is a vast field which incorporates the knowledge of each & every field of engineering. Our field provides solutions to medical problems using technology.

The scope here depends on your interests. But there is always something if you remain interested in this field. Firstly, you have to choose- do you want to go in research area (plenty of opportunities) or you want to directly start working (tough to start, not so if you have the right skills).

A free advice- stay away from some of the demotivators on Quora who tell you there's no future in our field. I was really disappointed when I read some of those answers about job scope in our field when I was new to this field.

Let me start with my story, I am the same kind of guy who joined Biomedical engineering because all other branches in my college were filled up. I had no interest in Research, even though I did a research internship. I was looking for a job in my 4 year & decided not to give GATE. I was placed in an IT firm during campus placements (as usual).

But spending 4 years in biomedical engineering, i started liking the field, the major project that I did made me rethink my views towards my branch. The opportunities in this field in both research and job wise are endless. I just didn't wanted to leave the branch so easily, So i refused the offer of the IT company & started looking for jobs in core. Immediately after my graduation i got multiple offers. There are companies like Philips, GE, Siemens, Allengers etc. Who are in constant need of young talented engineers in this field & if you are good enough, you will definitely end up in a good job just like me.

Research wise

You will definitely end up getting a research internship in your 2nd or 3rd year of your grades are good. If you like the work that you do, then start preparing for GATE, there are plenty of opportunities. The Prime Misnister Fellowship Scheme is also there, you can prepare for that, in this scheme you can directly do PHD from IIT's but you need to crack the interview. Sepeate BME option in GATE for BME has also been introduced, you don't have to opt for instrumentation.

Job Scope

R&D- Generally the R&D companies hire employees through campus placements from a small group of colleges. Good luck for that. The health tech industry in Andhra & Telangana is a bright prospect in future when it comes to R&D opportunities.
Service- The job i am currently in. You get to learn a lot about the internal functioning of various medical devices. There are plenty of learning opportunities, trainings. The happiness you get after indirectly saving a life can't be measured. You'll be nervous at start but with right guidance service is the most satisfying job.
Application engineer- The role of an application engineer is to explain to customer about the working of a specific medical device. Application engineers work hand to hand with sales team.
Sales engineer- Sales of medical equipment are handled by the sales engineer. They have targets as well as incentives so it's a double edged sword.
Hospital engineer- Every big hospital has a Biomedical department in which there are typically 5–6 engineers who are responsible to attend to emergency breakdown of any medical equipment.
There are various areas in which a Biomedical engineer can work. The salary at start is not appropriate for some posts but then again if you work hard & have right skills you can land a good job just after graduation. Don't get demotivated by people who say that Biomedical has no scope, or it's only about research. More than 75% of Biomedical jobs are occupied by electronics engineer just because talented Biomedical engineers switch their fields after graduation.



Thanks a lot everyone for 50k answer views and a lot of positive comments it really means a lot. If any of you have any doubts then I am here to help pls do comment.

Updates regarding my journey: I have been in Philips since 2.5 years now and I still enjoy every day of my work as it brings new challenges everyday.

In the past year and half I got promoted, was trained at Singapore & Chennai, worked on various equipments including cathlab, ultrasound, CT and MR. The company training really helps to make your job easy. Belo l have described some of daliy activities of a service Engineer in case anyone is interested in sevice role.

Service Engineer roles

Maintenance of medical devices which includes breakdown or repair of partially working system
Planned maintainence which includes calibrations and it ensures system is working properly
Field updates which ensures system safety and sw updates
Installation of new machines
More importantly interact with customers and doctors and make a good repo because you represent your company.

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